Alternative Protein Sources to Carcinogenic Processed Meats

Recently the WHO World Health Organization finished an in depth study concerning the connection with the high consumption of processed meats in a western diet to certain types of cancer. The study, which began in 2014, gathered over 800 separate studies on the effects of red meat on the human body. Red meat is defined as any [...]

Aquaculture, Pisciculture, and the Future of Farmed Fish

The world has a massive appetite for all types of aquatic fish species ranging from tuna and tilapia to mollusks and seaweed and everything in between. In 2009 total world production of fish and fish products was 140 million tons. And this volume of fish products we consume is growing at a rapid pace. Latest [...]

So Why Buy Organic?

In my previous article I brought up the simple question, “Are organically produced products healthier for you than traditional products in regards to nutritional quality?” And the simple answer was, not exactly, but the evidence and the amount of new data has proven some important factors. The University of Newcastle in England came out with [...]

What Role Do Community Gardens Play in a Sustainable Future?

Conversations centered on the topics of sustainability, food security, conservation, and organic farming by people in groups, industries, or even coffee shop conversations often center on a large global scale. How can we change the entire world? or our entire system or way of life? What can we do as an entire city, state, country, or [...]

The Drought In California – Facts And Potential Solutions

We are quickly entering a world where water, a resource we took for granted or assumed was limitless is quickly becoming more precious than ever before. Using the example of California it is best to first understand exactly what the situation is in California concerning water supply, where water is being used, and the conservation [...]